Outlook Dev Portal App Registration Tool

Use this app registration tool to quickly create a client ID and secret for your apps that use the Outlook APIs to access Office 365.

New app registrations should be created and managed in the Application Registration Portal to be compatible with Outlook.com.

You can still use this tool to generate a client ID and secret, but bear in mind that your app will not be compatible with Outlook.com, and will not be able to dynamically request permissions scopes.

Existing app registrations that were created in the Outlook Dev Center App Registration Tool or the Azure Management Portal will continue to work for Office 365 only. These registrations do not show up in the Application Registration Portal and must be managed in the Azure Management Portal.

Step 1Login to your account
This tool can create an app registration with a few simple clicks to get you up and running quickly. App registrations can be created, deleted, and managed in the Azure Management Portal.
First, you need access to an account in an Office 365 Subscription. This can be an existing subscription you have for your work or business, an Office 365 Developer Subscription, or you can start with a free 30-day trial. Just bear in mind that whatever subscription you use to register your app will show as the publisher for that app when users are prompted to give consent.
Step 2Tell us about your app
Let's start with some basic details for your app. Please fill in each field. Hover over each field for more details.
Step 3Choose APIs to access
Select the APIs and the level of access your app needs.
Mail API
Calendar API
Contacts API
Step 4Register your app
Once you've set everything the way you want it, click the button below and we'll register your app. Your client ID and secret (for web apps only) will appear below. Be sure to copy the values into your app.