These apps and services use the Outlook APIs to access Outlook data or extend Outlook to add new features.
Apptoto provides an appointment messaging platform for professionals that want to reduce no-shows and increase revenue by sending automatic voice, SMS, and email messages.
Small businesses need the right tools to get everyone organized and on the same page. attachedapps delivers powerful contact management that’s deeply integrated to your Outlook/Office 365 address book -- now everyone in your company has access to the same updated contact information. Extend that capability with our other apps that provide Sales pipeline tracking and Customer management.
Biztera simplifies decision-making with cloud software that streamlines approval workflows. The Office 365 Connector integration allows you to share your decision about a request with any Office 365 group of your choice.
Biz-Win for XING
Biz-Win supports you in one of the most important things: the daily communication with your business partners. Biz-Win analyzes the senders and recipients of your email conversation, searches their profiles on XING and shows you the most important information about your business partners at a glance.
Boomerang lets you send messages at the perfect time, get a reminder if your email doesn’t receive a response, and adds a smart calendar assistant that lets you schedule meetings and share your real-time availability, all without leaving your email. Boomerang provides these features both when drafting a new message and when an email you receive includes contextual meeting suggestions.
Brandfolder is a dedicated platform for managing and sharing brand assets. Using the connector, brand change events are instantly sent to the Office 365 Group and you can see all activity in real time. Simply click "Connect to Office 365" from inside the Events & Analytics' Integration tab and select the group for the event feed.
Bullhorn for Email
Bullhorn for Email helps recruiters using the Bullhorn ATS/CRM manage overflowing inboxes, save time, stay organized, and make more placements.
Caller Zen
Caller Zen handles support requests via text message to keep your customers happy and your costs down. The Caller Zen Connector posts inbound calls and texts to your Office 365 Group, including links to MMS, video, and voicemail recordings.
Cirrus Insight for Office 365 and Salesforce
Cirrus Insight brings Salesforce to your Office 365 and Outlook 2013 inbox. With Cirrus Insight you can save emails to Salesforce with a click, track emails, and create and edit Salesforce records. It's the power of Salesforce in your inbox!
ClearLogin is a cloud platform for authentication and password management that makes it easy for admins to keep their organization secure and their end users happy. Integrate ClearLogin with your Office 365 Group to receive real time notifications about user activity.
CloseFox is a productivity tool that helps sales teams hunt their target prospects, read prospect minds and win more deals. We utilize sales videos and documents to better track prospect engagement and deliver easy to use analytics. Our dashboard helps sales teams know what is important to their prospects by tracking engagement and strategic data. Allowing them to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message.
cloudHQ enables your workplace to be platform agnostic: Our award-winning, real-time synchronization with sync information from other cloud apps used in your organization fully integrates with Microsoft Office365. We fully support: Microsoft Outlook 365, OneNote, and other services.
Constant Contact QuickAdd
Auto-check email senders on Constant Contact lists. Manage lists; display contact campaign activity.
Crelate Talent for Outlook
Crelate Talent is a modern candidate management and applicant tracking solution built for executive search firms, recruiting agencies and professional recruiters. Our simple, flexible and fast solution helps recruiting teams, find and nurture candidates, manage the hiring process and fill positions.
The fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback. Delighted’s Office 365 Connector can help customer focused teams by sending timely updates on overall NPS score, number of responses and breakdowns of happy, passive, and upset customers.
Do helps you run productive meetings and do work you love.
DocuSign for Outlook
Never print, sign, scan, and fax documents again! Sign and return or get signatures on documents sent to you in seconds with DocuSign for Outlook.
Envoy is the visitor registration product that is changing how visitors are greeted in workplaces around the world. Thanks to Envoy’s Office 365 Connector, when an employee’s guest arrives, Envoy can notify them ensuring the right people are in the loop.
FreeBusy eliminates coordination headaches when scheduling meetings by making it easy to share availability across calendars. You can link multiple calendars (work, personal, school) from all providers (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, and others) for a complete availability view. FreeBusy for Enterprise integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and other Directory providers for seamless and secure cross-organization group scheduling. Collage Collage is a mobile ‘Go To’ app that presents all the information workers need to do their jobs, in a single-screen. With Collage, workers have email, updates from business and collaboration apps, and access to documents in one app. Together with its contextually-filtered information stream, Collage is a consolidated launch pad for business workers to complete tasks via native business apps or share updates by email or existing enterprise social tools. for OWA for OWA is a contextual widget (mail app) that drives document and social adoption of SharePoint and Yammer without changing user behavior, by providing access to SharePoint and Yammer directly from the convenience of the email client.
Hermes365 Mail
Hermes365 Mail delivers a complete integration package connecting Office 365 Outlook with Dynamics CRM Online.
Implisit boosts sales organizations performance and revenue by improving lead and opportunity follow-up, pipeline management and forecasting. Implisit's technology captures and analyzes prospect and client communication, automatically matches it with CRM records and analyzes it to provide clear, updated and actionable insights.
Insightly is the easy, powerful and affordable online Customer Relationship & Project Management Software used by over 500,000 small businesses worldwide.
IQBoxy is a bookkeeper in your Pocket, the app allows anyone to collect receipts on the go and in context on mobile, smartwatch or via email. Expense report updates and notifications are sent via IQBoxy’s Office 365 connector and setup is just a click away.
JobAdder for Outlook
JobAdder is a cloud based recruitment management platform for both recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment and HR professionals. JobAdder for Outlook allows JobAdder users to view and update their JobAdder records directly from Outlook. It includes the ability to view and update Candidate and Contact information as well as the ability create new Candidates, Contacts, Job Applications and notes.
JustReply makes time tracking for teams simple but powerful, leveraging applications that you already use every day for communications, such as O365 email. Using JustReply’s Office 365 Connector, your team can be kept up to date with daily summary notifications and timesheet reminders.
Lexis Nexis Firm Manager
LexisNexis Firm Manager® was built from the ground up just for solo and small-firm attorneys. Cloud based, with powerful, easy-to-use features that reduce calendar worries, conflict of interest concerns, malpractice fears, and billing hassles. Secure and affordable, it helps you make the most of your practice, anytime, anywhere. Bottom line: It sweats the small stuff, so you have more free time to do what you do best—practice law.
People still suffer from email overload and have difficulty focusing due to the continues stream of messages. MailDose helps you get the right dose of mail, auto filtered and in separated mail feeds that you control. We do for email what TweetDeck does for Twitter. Email can be fun again!
MarketSpace provides complete monitoring of the companies and products you care about. Their Office 365 Connector delivers important news, app updates, social posts, videos and more right into your Office Group, so teams can stay on top of their competition, clients, sales prospects, partners and portfolios.
Messageware TakeNote
Messageware TakeNote allows you to quickly and easily add private, contextual notes to an email and it’s sender. And your comments are easily accessible whenever or wherever you need them.
Messageware Utility Belt
The Messageware Utility Belt offers easy access to the most common business apps we use every day. These apps are only a click away when working from within OWA and Outlook, meaning that you don’t need to open a new program or search the internet when you need access to basic information. This is handy on a computer, and especially when you are using your mobile phone or tablet.
ND|Mail 365
ND|Mail solves your email management challenges. ND|Mail helps end users manage email and attachments in Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 environment. Working from within Outlook, ND|Mail enables you to easily move or copy email to SharePoint without leaving your email client window. It utilizes your existing metadata, ensuring that email saved on SharePoint meets your compliance and retention policies supporting the Information Management mandate of organizations without adding administrative burden to your users.
Nimble App for Outlook
Nimble for Outlook smartly combines your email, social signals, activities and follow-ups in one place, providing insights and organization for all your business relationships.
Pick takes the back and forth out of finding a time to meet by comparing calendars, regardless of email domain, and displaying mutual availabilities. Schedule meetings while on the go with coworkers, clients and prospects from any device.
Extend your use of ConnectWise into Outlook. The QuickTix Outlook App supports: creating tickets, editing ticket data, and entering your time against tickets, directly within Outlook.
Sage One
Connects directly with Sage One pulling those vital customer or supplier details into your email.
Salesforce App for Outlook
The Salesforce App for Outlook is a brand new way to experience Salesforce from Outlook and Office 365. It is 100% cloud based with nothing to install. Make sales teams more productive by viewing Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads, cases and users in context of email, seamlessly inside of Outlook. Figure out next steps of your key deal and stay on top of open support issues, all inside of your inbox.
SAP CRM Activity
Turn your Outlook calendar appointments and events into SAP CRM activities with a click of a button. The SAP CRM Activity app in Outlook allows you to easily create an activity, such as a customer visit or phone call in SAP CRM. Appointment details including start and end times and a description are copied to the activity, eliminating time-consuming data entry in SAP CRM.
Schedule Once
ScheduleOnce is the platform of choice for powering online scheduling with customers and prospects.
Smartsheet WorkMap + O365 Integration
Smartsheet is a cloud-based collaboration and work management tool used by millions worldwide, that’s as easy to use as Excel, yet powerful enough to drive any process or project. Microsoft and Smartsheet worked together on this functional prototype illustrating the power of unlocking your people, their work and content. Using the Smartsheet WorkMap and the Office 365 Unified API, this user-centric demo shows how people can reach beyond the typical boundaries between apps to work the way they want.
Smartsheet for Outlook (Beta)
Smartsheet is a cloud-based collaboration and work management tool used by millions worldwide, that’s as easy to use as Excel, yet powerful enough to drive any process or project. The Smartsheet for Outlook app allows you to create or edit items in Smartsheet and collaborate on them in real-time, all without leaving your Outlook inbox. Unclog your email and keep track of every detail with ease when you pair Smartsheet and Outlook together.
Travel Time
Travel Time is a simple Mail App for Office that allows users to create travel time appointments in their calendar before and/or after any appointment they are creating or editing in Outlook, Outlook Web App, or a mobile device. Optionally, Travel Time allows you to invite the appointment recipients to the corresponding travel time bookings as well.
Uber Add-in for Outlook
With the Uber add-in for Outlook, you can set an Uber ride reminder for any calendar event with a single tap. When it’s time to leave for your next event, Uber will send you a notification. Swipe on the notification to jump to the Uber app with the destination already set, and simply confirm your request. Whether you have an upcoming dinner reservation, doctor’s appointment, or flight, Uber and Outlook will help get you there on time.
WakaTime helps everyone on your team to stay up-to-date with your latest coding activity. When a developer on your team commits code to GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab your Office 365 Group receives a message showing the in-editor time spent coding on that commit.
Wazoku Mail App
Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, provides the Wazoku Mail App as a complement to your Idea Spotlight web application. With the Wazoku Mail App, seamlessly view ideas directly in the Outlook reading pane, and vote and submit comments on those ideas so your voice is heard.
Zapier gives you internet superpowers by making it easy to get your web apps to work together. Connect Office 365 to over 400 complementary apps, including Trello, Asana, SurveyMonkey and MailChimp.
ZootRock curate’s articles, images, videos and quotes from around the web on topics of interest to you, saving you hours every week. ZootRock's Office 365 Connector integration allows you to share this content with your Office Groups.