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Next Steps

Check out the API References

API Sandbox

If you'd like to explore more or get some code snippets to jump-start your development, check out the API Sandbox. Edit and run code right from your web browser!

Code Samples

There are a ton of code samples that you can use as a starting point for your app.

Publish your Web App

Ready to share your app with the world? Web apps that use OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect can now be listed in the Office 365 Store. Publishing your app allows users and administrators to find your app in the store, and enables it to be added to the Office 365 Launcher.

In order to publish your web app to the store, your app must meet a few conditions.

  • The app must be free.
  • The app must be end-user consentable. Apps that require administrator consent or use the client credential grant flow are not eligible for listing in the Office 365 Store.

Visit Submit Web apps for Office 365 to the Seller Dashboard to get started.

Problems? Suggestions?

Provide feedback on problems or features you'd like to see in the APIs on our User Voice site.